I’ll let Kogi and Dinesh go – KL’s Ismail Zakaria

The General Secretary of the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), Nokman Mustapha was quite harsh when insisting that R. Kogileswaran and R. Dinesh return to the team. On the contrary, head coach Ismail Zakaria is now open to and willing to let them leave.

According to Zakaria, he does not have high hopes to regain the services of his players who are currently with Pahang FA. It is understood that they have been important figures in Pahang’s pre-season fixtures.

“At the moment, Kogi and Dinesh are at Pahang, why not let them continue playing there for a year to gain experience as they are both young,” he said according to Harian Metro.

“In fact, I am not hopeful at all because it involves the status of two teams, and now Frenz United are involved. I decided to leave investigation matters at the hands of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM),” he continued.

According to Arena Metro, KLFA claimed that both players should return to their respective clubs after ending their stints with Harimau Muda C.

The complication of the situation worsened when Frenz United claimed that these two players still have three years left of their contract after signing a five-year deal in 2014.

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