Badrul’s 100m record is invalid – MAF

After weeks and weeks of speculations and allegations, things have come to a disappointing end for young sprinter Badrul Hisyam Abdul Manap as his ground-breaking result in the 2015 ASEAN School Games has been confirmed as

The teen attracted the media after his splendid performance during the Games in Brunei, where he managed to break Watson Nyambek’s 17 year-old record in the 100m event. However, just less than two weeks after his triumph, reports claimed that the validity of his record may have to be reconsidered due to technical issues and all events finally came to a conclusion yesterday evening.

President of the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF), Datuk Karim Ibrahim stated that the decision was made in an emergency meeting with the MAF Council yesterday at the Wisma OCM.

The full report by the Brunei Athletics Association (BAA) was submitted and presented by the technical committee on January 20. The council decided to not recognize Badrul’s record and Watson Nyambek will still be the official record-holder of the 100 event.

“We have shared our views and come to the conclusion after reading through all these reports, that we cannot recognise the record and Watson’s record stands as the national record,” Karim said as quoted from Bernama.

“However, the council members felt Badrul is still young and would not take the matter too hard. Badrul can continue to create new records.”

“This was really the best record but from the technical aspect, we cannot accept the record set during championships as the organisers did not adhere to international standards.”


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