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Aussie rugby star Mitchell Pearce’s lewd act with dog caught on camera

Sydney Roosters’ Mitchell Pearce is facing a career-ending scandal after footages of him engaging in a lewd act with a dog was released to media organizations earlier today.

The 26 year-old was reportedly out partying on Australia Day and got drunk in an undisclosed house party. He allegedly made sexual advances to a woman at the party and urinated himself afterwards, before proceeding to simulate the lewd act with a dog.

The dog’s owner was visibly unhappy with the situation and tried pulling the dog away, though Pearce picked up the dog again and continued doing the lewd act.

“I wanna f— a dog, I don’t even care anymore,” Pearce said. “I care. You’ve peed on my couch, you’ve peed on yourself. Get the f— out,” the party host then said.

Sydney Roosters have picked up on the story and they have already released an official statement on the issue.

“The Sydney Roosters are aware of an incident involving Mitchell Pearce. The Club has advised the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

“The Club will conduct an internal investigation and will be making no further comment at this time.”

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