Zulfahmi Khairuddin: I will fight for my Moto3 career

National Moto3 rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin has declared that he is ready to fight hard and do well in this year’s edition of the World Motorcycle Championship, after being told that it could potentially be his last season in the competition.

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Chief Executive Officer Datuk Razlan Razali revealed that Zulfahmi hasn’t exactly been doing well in recent times, and should he falter again this year, he will be replaced by someone from the plethora of junior riders waiting to compete at a higher level.

However, Zulfahmi isn’t keen on giving up just yet, claiming that he is ready to compete and ensure the sustainability of his career.

“To be honest, I always assume that every year would be my last year, because the contract in motor sports works differently. It’s usually renewed on a yearly basis, based on your performance,” he told Harian Metro.

“As I’ve said, I want to start getting on the podium more often and compete with the front-runners. Most importantly, I’ve got to stay calm and work hard.

“We have a good package this year, so hopefully I’ll be able to garner good results and extend my career beyond 2015,” he added.

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