Chong Wei: It’s time to move on from 2014

For all the success he’s achieved over the past few years, Lee Chong Wei indubitably endured a frustrating 2014, after being suspended indefinitely for a frustrating doping scandal.

His reputation within the country was not affected though, as fans rallied behind his back; which primarily happened due to his consistent performance and commitment to the national cause throughout his career.

That being said, the man himself is looking forward to a brand new year, and intends to let bygones be bygones.

The former World No. 1 also paid tribute to victims of all the major tragedies that took place within the country this year.

Last March, a Malaysian Airlines flight (MH 370) lost contact with the signal tower and has been missing since then. A few months later in July, another Malaysian airlines flight (MH 17) was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border, killing 298 people on board the flight.

But more recently, an Air Asia Indonesia aircraft (QZ8501) bound for Singapore, reportedly crashed while East Coast states in Malaysia are currently facing massive flood issues.

And as far as Chong Wei is concerned, he hoping that the New Year signals a revival in fortunes for the entire nation as a whole.

“I really hope all the tragedies will come to an end. We’ve lost enough friends and family, and that applies to victims who lost most of their belongings in the floods as well. Some of them even suffered massive losses with regards to their businesses.

“The most important thing is that most victims of the floods are safe.

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