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Mercedes threatens to axe Hamilton, Rosberg if feud prolongs

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and the season’s champion Lewis Hamilton got together for a joyful event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a week ago but things does not seem to be too jolly between them.

Wolff has reiterated the threat to axe both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg if the results given are not consistent. The dynamic within Mercedes has been a concern Wolff due to the tension between the two 30 year-olds.

Hamilton and Rosberg had been spewing the internal rivalry on track on season. Despite being a form of entertainment to the viewers, Wolff has had enough. The Austrian had admitted that the team may look to change the driver’s line-up in the future and also claimed that there is a limit to how much he will tolerate before the relationship becomes a burden and destructive.

“If it were to become detrimental to the team that would mean that we would not maintain the long-term set-up in the team with the drivers,” Wolff said at the Autosport Awards.

“It’s very important to keep the spirit within the team, and the competition between Nico and Lewis has been very fierce, very competitive at times. It’s understandable because they are fighting in a car that is capable of winning the championship against each other.

“The guy in the other car cannot be your friend, but we need to be careful that it doesn’t spill over on both sides of the garage. We’ve seen teams in the past where there is a competition being created that is not good for the dynamics within the team.”

In spite of Wolff’s comments, Hamilton and recently conceded that even though his relationship with Rosberg will always be tense but any issues between the two has not had any impact of the results of Mercedes.


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