Injury crisis strikes Malaysian cycling team

National cyclist Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sahrom had to bear with his injury after getting involved in an accident in the qualifying sessions of the Keirin Cycling Championship that was held in Cambridge, New Zealand yesterday.

Despite having issues with his injury, Muhammad Shah Firdaus had to continue competing whilst being in pain in order to prevent himself from getting eliminated from the prestigious championship. This is his first international high profile tournament ever since he joined the national camp.

“My shoulder cannot produce any movement and the doctor is convinced that there is a fracture in my shoulder after falling hard on the track yesterday. However, I still have to wait for the x-ray before any assumptions can be made,” said the 20 year-old as quoted from Utusan.

“For the second event, I was not as competitive as I can be because my shoulder really hurts but I tried my best to perform well because I don’t want to be eliminated from this championship.”

“Even with the pain, I had to pedal slowly, as long as I finish the race.”

Two other Malaysian cyclists too were dealing with issues to the point where it might be a risk to the national camp.

Fatehah Mustapa had also been suffering from a back injury and could only finish the women’s section at no.25. Jupha Somnet had to forfeit from the championship after sustaining a horrible flu.

Chief coach John Beasly conceded that the situation is worrisome because this will affect their chances of qualifying for the Olympics next year.

“I’m sure Fatehah can still maintain her competitiveness but I would not know what it will be like for Jupha,” said Beasly.


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