Hendrawan has helped me immensely – Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei believes that Hendrawan played a key role in his recent revival, which culminated in him winning both the China as well as Hong Kong Open.

Since the resignation of Misbun Sidek, Chong Wei has been placed under different coaches but he wasn’t too comfortable with Hendrawan, in the beginning.

That being said, Chong Wei is now happy with the current system, claiming that Hendrawan has helped him change his style on and off the court.

“As you know, I’ve never complained whenever BAM changed my coach. When they did it, I’ve always accepted it.

“And as you may have observed in my last three tournaments, my style has certainly changed a little. And Hendrawan has played a part. Whether it’s Hendrawan or Tey Seu Bock, it doesn’t matter as both of them have their own strengths.

“I have faith in Hendrawan and I trust him. He always speaks to Seu Bock as well, in terms of developing the best strategy for me to do well in the Olympics,” Chong Wei added.


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