Coaching in Malaysia is a dream come true – Rahmad Darmawan

T-Team’s newly-appointed head coach, Rahmad Darmawan believes that the opportunity of coaching abroad, is  something that he has been dreaming about for a very long time.

The 48 year-old Indonesian signed a one-year deal with the East Coast side, and has already brought two Indonesia-based foreign players with him, in the form of Makan Konate as well as Abdoulaye Maiga.

Rahmad, who has coached in Indonesia for all his career, admitted that he was always on the lookout for opportunities abroad. So when the T-Team offer came in, the decision was one that was easy to make.

“I always dreamt of coaching a club outside Indonesia. For me, I consider it a major challenge and I hope my stint here will inspire other Indonesian coaches to take their chances and go abroad, when the right opportunity comes along,” he told Liputan6.

“I’ve known about T-Team’s interest for three years. At that point, I was still an active Twitter user, and that was how they got it touch with me.

“The first time they offered me a deal, I couldn’t accept it due to several other issues. So they only signed Patrich Wanggai at that point. The second time they came, I couldn’t accept it as well. So when the third offer came in, I decided to say yes.

“I received several other offers, but I was more interested in T-Team, because they are pushing for promotion into the Super League. I’ve seen some of their games, so I have an idea of how to coach this team.

“I’m not too familiar with the players, but I believe team has a lot of young players who previously played in Harimau Muda. So there’s plenty of potential to go far, next season,” he added.

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