No reason to doubt Chong Wei – Khairy Jamaluddin

Malaysian Youth and Sports minister, Khairy Jamaluddin believes that there’s no reason to doubt Chong Wei’s ability to doing well, judging by his recent revival period.

Despite struggling for form after making a return from his doping scandal, Chong Wei proved his critics wrong by winning the Hong Kong as well as China Open, besides moving up to sixth on the latest BWF World Rankings.

Chong Wei recently expressed his disappointment with fans who doubted him in the past and Khairy shared similar sentiments, claiming that the 33 year-old is in a prime position to do well at the Rio Olympics next year.

“There’s no reason to doubt Chong Wei’s ability. He has proved that he can beat anyone in front of him. Chong Wei is in a good position to win the Olympic gold medal, next year,” he told Bernama.

“BAM will now monitor his fitness ahead of the Olympics. He has been competing in a lot of tournaments and hasn’t rested much.

“He had no choice though, prior to this. He had to do it, to collect points and boost his rankings in order to ensure that he qualifies for the Olympics.

“But now that he’s in great form and has a solid position on the world rankings, I’ve asked him to rest for a bit, so he can re-energise and prepare for the Olympics in an optimum condition,” Khairy added.

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