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Pandelela: Being injured was a blessing in disguise

Diving queen Pandelela Rinong isn’t too worried about her recent battles with injury, claiming that it allowed her the time to develop her mental strength, ahead of the Diving World Cup as well as the Rio Olympics next year.

The 22 year-old was forced to miss the FINA Grand Prix and the Asian Diving Cup in September due to a back injury and she has been undergoing rehabilitation prior to this.

“I think the injury has allowed time for me to rest my body and mind, so I can strengthen it and better prepare for tournaments that are happening next year,” she told Utusan Malaysia.

“The Diving World Cup will be taking place next year, so hopefully I can make an impact in it. That said, I’m just glad to be free of any injury issues for the time being.

“I’ve been receiving treatment at the National Sports Institute (ISN) and so far, everything has been going well for. I’m ready to train and hopefully do my best in 2016,” she added.

Pandelela as well as the other Malaysian divers will resume their training in Brisbane, before leaving for China, where they will undergo intensive training ahead of the Diving World Cup as well as the Rio Olympics.

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