Sporting icons pay tribute to victims of Paris attack

The entire world was left shocked earlier today with the Islamic State allegedly claiming responsibility over a major attack in Paris, which left at least 127 people dead.

Approximately eight gunmen and suicide bombers launched coordinated attacks in several locations across the city. According to BBC, fire was initially opened at the Le Carillon bar in Le Petit Cambrodge, killing almost 12 people instantly. A minor explosition, at the same time, was also heard outside of Stade de France, where the match between France and Germany was taking place.

BBC’s reports also claimed that attacks took place over four separate locations, as mentioned below.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

The incident is the worse massacre in Europe since the Madrid bombings in 2005 and naturally, it generated plenty of reactions from across the globe. Sporting icons as well, took to Twitter, to pay tribute to the victims of a tragedy has effectively left a major scar on the entire globe.

Even Malaysian athletes shared messages in support of individuals who are in Paris at the moment.


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