Unique player selection process for MCM 2016

Maybank today announced the first of several innovations for the upcoming Maybank Championship Malaysia 2016 golf tournament that will be held here from 18 February – 21 February 2016.

“Golf tournaments in the region have reached a pivotal point as the quality of the organisation, courses and star players have grown over the years. As a long time supporter and sponsor of Malaysia’s leading golf event over the past decade, Maybank has been on the forefront of that evolution. Today, we are beginning the next stage of that growth as we focus our attention on creating a Championship that seeks to elevate the entire field of play, grow and sustain the attention of spectators from across the region, and ensure that every player is given the same respect and attention as would have been reserved for star or headline players in years past,” said Tan Sri Dato’ Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor, Chairman of Maybank.

To be held at the historic Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC), the Championship represents an evolution in the way international sporting events in the ASEAN region are run. These enhancements are envisioned as being the first step towards changing the way professional golf is perceived in the region; the sport is developed at a national and regional level; and enhancing the spectator experience on the golf course and at home.

“As one of the oldest golf courses in the country, we are pleased to host one of the youngest championships in this part of the region. It will indeed be exciting to have more than thirty nationalities competing at a very high level at the Royal Selangor Golf Club amongst the distinguished members and guests from all over the world that will be at our historic club,” said Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, President of Royal Selangor Golf Club

The inaugural Maybank Championship Malaysia is co sanctioned by The European Tour, The Asian Tour, The Professional Golf of Malaysia Tour (PGM Tour), and The Professional Golfers Association of Malaysia (PGAM).

The Maybank Championship Malaysia has also achieved another significant milestone as this marks the first time that all professional golfing bodies in Malaysia have collaborated in this manner for the common good of the game as well as its professional players, the eager fans and young talent that are waiting to be shown the way forward towards competing internationally and at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“We are working with the PGM Tour and PGAM; The Asian Tour and The European Tour; and our local Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Sports Commissioners office to ensure that every player, visitor and fan that visits us receives the best possible experience. This includes efforts to enable the participation of as many appropriately qualified professional golfers from as many countries in the region as possible. It also hinges on the Championship having world-class winning talent that are already household names globally and local favourites across the 156 man field of play. By doing so, we ensure that the entire field of play is of an order of quality that is entirely elevated as compared to focusing all of our attention, efforts and resources on a handful of star players,” added Tan Sri Megat.

To that end, the Maybank Championship Malaysia 2016 has included several changes to the way professional golfers are invited to and qualify for the much-anticipated event.

The innovated player field for the 2016 event will see:

1) The top sixty- seven (67) players from the European PGA Tour and the top sixty-seven (67) Asian Tour Players gaining automatic invitations for the event.

2) Ten (10) spots will be given to the top ten (10) qualifying players based on the Order of Merit from the Professional Golf Of Malaysia Tour (PGM) and members of the Professional Golfers Association of Malaysia (PGAM).

3) Five (5) spots will be given to ASEAN Professionals that will be awarded based on the Asian Tour Order Of Merit, Asian Development Tour Order Of Merit and National Professional Golfers Association of ASEAN Countries (where available).

4) An additional two (2) spots will be given to Malaysian professionals.

5) One (1) spot will be accorded to the top player on the Middle East North African Tour (MENA).

6) Two (2) spots are reserved for other top players who are not members of European PGA Tour and the Asian Tour.

7) The final two (2) spots will be given to the top two amateurs that qualify – one (1) to the highest ranked Malaysian in the Amateur World Rankings; and one (1) to the Asian Pacific Amateur Masters Champion.

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