FIFA hold crunch talks with Indonesian PM Joko Widodo

Indonesia President Joko Widodo met FIFA officials in Jakarta for talks yesterday, nearly six months after the country was banned from football activities by the footballing government body.

Widodo, hosting the FIFA meeting at the state palace, announced he would cooperate to quickly put an end to the issue surrounding Indonesian football.

“We want to get a solution immediately and to form a task force which will communicate continuously with FIFA.”

“They were happy to see there was no objections and that we wanted a solution too,” Widodo told The Malaysian Insider.

The FIFA delegation also met with Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi and PSSI officials to discuss the ongoing matter.

Indonesia was suspended in May after the country’s football association – PSSI – disagreed with the interference of the government over the local league.

The country’s sports ministry then proceeded to freeze all PSSI activites and set up another body to replace the association.

FIFA, who disapproves political interference in domestic football, backed PSSI to remain in charge.

As a result, FIFA then suspended the PSSI and banned Indonesia from all international competitions organized by FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation.

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