Alex Yoong defends Audi R8 Cup 2015 title by single point

Former Formula One racer Alex Yoong emerged the champion of Audi R8 LMS Cup 2015 in Shanghai yesterday, recording history at the same time as the first driver to win consecutive titles in international sprint race series.

Yoong, the 2014 defending champion, narrowly clinched the title after his sixth place finish earned him a single point ahead of China’s Chen Congfu.

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The two rounds – Round 12 and 13 – ended the most closely contested season in the Cup’s four-year history, with Yoong winning the first round and Cheng finishing second.

In Round 13, Yoong fell back to sixth, due to the extra 50 kg weight in his car, but was enough as Cheng ended the race in third.

Hong Kong driver Marchy Lee finished third overall.

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“Every year, the championship becomes more and more competitive and it’s a credit to the way the Audi R8 LMS Cup tweaks the regulations so that the racing is fair, but also close and exciting,” said Yoong, as quoted by the Malay Mail.

“I lost a championship by a close margin two years ago, and won this year by a single point. Every year is exciting and it’s a real privilege to be a part of the championship,” he added.

FAW-VW Audi Racing Team won the team title and the Four Rings Trophy, while Danile Bilski was the winner in the Amateur Cup.

Final Championship Standings – Top 5

  1. Alex Yoong – 161
  2. Franky Cheng – 160
  3. Marchy Lee – 134
  4. Aditya Patel – 119
  5. Rahel Frey – 110

Final Team Cup Standings – Top 3

  1. FAW-VW Audi racing Team/4R – 192
  2. Castrol Racing Team – 162
  3. Audi TEDA Racing Team – 154


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