Lim Teong Kim urges FAM to hand U23 role to Fritz Schmid

Director of the National Football Development Program, Lim Teong Kim believes that Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) should hand the U23 head coach role to none other than Fritz Schmid.

Fritz has been the Technical Director of FAM since 2014 and has reportedly applied for the U23 role with FAM. And Teong Kim sees no reasons for why FAM should not hand him the role, citing his experience as a crucial element for the potential growth of the U23 squad.

“I think FAM should appoint Fritz Schmid as the new Under-23 head coach.

“We need someone with experience and since he’s already here, use his experience. Focus on the Under-23 side, instead of the senior team. Utilize all the developmental programs we have here.

“Every states need to have a youth development program. That is the future. We already have a national development programme, they (the state teams) can just adopt the system. That’s all they
have to do.

“Instead, all the state teams are still ‘sleeping’. They all have egos, they don’t even understand what is youth development is. Malaysia is one of the only country to not have a professional youth league, so don’t be surprised if we got beaten 20-0 in future,” he told The Star yesterday.

Fritz certainly comes with a big CV, having previously been the assistant coach at Tottenham Hotspur, FC Basel as well as the Austrian National Team.

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