“Negotiate short-term contracts for Malaysia Cup!” – PFAM’s Izham

Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) has voiced out their opinion on the contract issues of players during the Malaysia Cup action, stating that it can be solved if the state or club football union decides to settle the payment out of the contract.

FAM made an announcement on the Malaysia Cup dates, with the first leg of quarter finals decided on 4th, 5th December, with the second round continuing on 11th, 12th before the final on 19th.

As a result, there has been a dilemma considering the fact that local players and most imported players have their contract until 30th November.

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Chief executive officer Izham Ismail (middle) | Photo credits:

Chief executive officer Izham Ismail insists that all sides have to agree on the same final decision, which will avoid players being clueless about their contract status.

“When a player plays out his contract, he is a free agent. But if any team wishes to continue utilizing the player in the Malaysia Cup, their payment can be negotiated without the contract.”

“It all depends on the team, whether they wish to extend the services of players for a certain period of time. Both sides will have to agree to a sufficient amount at first, though,” Izham told Arena Metro.

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Chief executive officer Izham Ismail (far left) | Photo credits:

FAM’s deputy president, Datuk Seri Afandi Hamzah, also added that the Malaysia Cup dates are out of their control, as the haze continues to affect the changes.

“This year’s Malaysia Cup may end later than expected because of the haze, which already forced us to postpone many matches previously.”

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