Nafiizwan determined to make Malaysia proud despite NSC snub

National squash athlete Nafiizwan Adnan is determined to keep making the country proud despite facing tough challenges ahead.

His wish to move abroad was met with a dead end after National Sports Council (NSC) refused to finance the overall cost, questioning him at the same time about his decision.

In spite of that, Nafiizwan is currently training ahead in Manchester and insists his move is not for fun, rather to continue improving himself and represent the country in international competitions.

Photo credits: hmetro.com.my
Photo credits: hmetro.com.my

“NSC have always questioned my level of performances and rankings. When I decided to move abroad to fulfill my aim, NSC in turn refused to help me when needed.”

“I realize if I stay in Malaysia, I will not be able to fix my rankings nor my performance level.”

“I do hope NSC reconsider my wish to train out of the country besides bearing all the expenses,” he told Arena Metro.

The former Asia champion is currently based in Manchester under his own financial capacity, in preparation for the US Open which starts this Thursday.


A lot has been said on Nafiizwan’s chances. After spending few years in Malaysia, he is clearly not able to replicate his best form. Nafiizwan deserves the same chance as Nicol David and if NSC are not able to finance him fully, then they are taking a huge risk in the sport. In this case, Nafiizwan represents one of the brightest hope for the country in the world of squash, besides Nicol of course.

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