I don’t have a dispute with Chong Wei anymore – Morten Frost

BAM Technical Director Morten Frost has quashed rumours of him still have a dispute with Datuk Lee Chong Wei, claiming that their relationship is perfectly fine as of now.

Both men had a minor altercation prior to the Korea and Japan Open last month, which probably played a part in Chong Wei’s frustrating early exits from both competitions.

However Morten is now stressing that their relationship has been repaired and that they speak to one another almost every day.

“What happened was merely a small thing. Everything is done and dusted and right now, we’re just looking to move forward,” he told Harian Metro. “I speak to him almost every day.”

The Danish legend also went on to defend Chong Wei’s recent poor performances by pointing out that it’s always difficult to regain your form after being out of action for eight months.

“Most fans don’t understand. They think it’s easy to be Chong Wei, especially in dealing with the sort of pressure he faces.

“They all think it’s easy for him to bounce back into form after being out for eight months. But truth be told, it’s difficult to get that momentum back. Obviously, his tempo would be affected,” he added.


We agree with Morten on this one. The issue was a minor one and it’s already solved, so it’s time to move on from that. There’s a bigger problem for Chong Wei at this point, which is securing his slot in the Olympics. Despite doing well at the World Championships, Chong Wei hasn’t really looked himself in recent tournaments. While the blame could be placed on the altercation he had with Morten, it shouldn’t be regarded as the ultimate fault behind his failure to do well in Korea and Japan. Time is running out and both BAM and the man himself need to sit down and figure out a strategic solution.


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