FAM’s fate to be decided in two weeks

Football Association of Malaysia’s (FAM) fate will determined in approximately two weeks, according to Sports Commisioner, Datuk Zaiton Omar.

The governing body received a show-cause letter from the Sports Commisioner’s office on the 9th of September, after Malaysia’s World Cup qualifiers match against Saudi Arabia was disrupted by flares and firecrackers.

FAM had 14 days to respond to the letter and Datuk Zaiton has now confirmed that her office received the official reply yesterday.

Photo Credit: Star
Photo Credit: Star

“Yes, we have received an official response from them. FAM managed to submit the response within the time frame that was given to them,” she told Utusan.

“I will have to thoroughly go through the letter first and we’ll also wait for FIFA’s response on the matter. Only then can we decide on the necessary action that would be taken on FAM.

“There is a lot for us to analyze, but I’m confident of being able to produce a response in approximately two weeks,” he added.


The next two weeks will be incredibly important for the future of Malaysian football, as the possibilities are endless in this case. While FIFA could potentially drop a hefty fine as well as a temporary crowd ban, the Sports Comissioner’s Office has been linked with a move to suspend FAM. Would that be the right move? Perhaps. But it will also put a major dent on the amount of traction local football has gained since Malaysia’s Suzuki Cup triumph in 2010. Should a suspension be put in place, it will take ages for us to recover the existing level of support. But it could also mean that Malaysian football would have a fresh start.

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