LCW in conflict with BAM’s Morten Frost?

Lee Chong Wei’s exit at the Korea Open has produced a new twist, with speculations that there is an internal dispute between the badminton superstar and Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) technical director, Morten Frost Hansen.

When asked about this matter, Chong Wei declined to comment anything on it and dismissed it as merely rumors.

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“I refuse to comment on this issue. It’s very sensitive to say anything without any confirmation. I will be back to discuss things with my coaches (Hendrawan and Tey Seu Bock) about the training program for the upcoming tournament,” he told Harian Metro, after returning to Malaysia yesterday.

Chong Wei’s decision to either confirm or deny the problem has caused a stir among media, with possibilities of a disagreement between him and Frost.

“It’s true that the defeats during the last two tournaments have brought my confidence down. This is probably my worst ever results throughout my career, but I’ll bounce back.”

“In a way, the defeats have been a wake up call for me to further push myself in the next Denmark and France Open. For now, I have nothing else to say. I will discuss again with BAM regarding this problem.”

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