OFFICIAL: OKS appointed as interim boss to replace Dollah

Dollah Salleh has confirmed his resignation as the head coach of the national team after 16 months in charge.

This came shortly after their 10-0 defeat to UAE in the World Cup Qualifying Round at Abu Dhabi last Thursday.

Dollah said he is fully responsible for what happened on the day.

“I  spoke to FAM today; I am fully responsible for what happened and with that, I decided to resign from my post. The decision is final.

“As a coach, of course I was upset. We were hoping for a good result but it ended up like this,” he told Utusan Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday.

“No coach can accept this kind of result, even fans can’t accept it,” he added.

“But it has already happened and I have to accept it. I can’t blame anyone for that. Razman (Roslan) asked me to stay until the game against Saudi Arabia, but I said I can’t do it anymore, I had enough,” he said.

Following Dollah’s resignation, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have installed the national Under-23 head coach, Ong Kim Swee as an intern head coach and he will take charge all of the qualifying round matches starting from the game against Saudi Arabia at Shah Alam Stadium, this Tuesday until further notice.

Dollah Salleh replaced K. Rajagobal as a national head coach in June last year, guiding Malaysia to the final of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 but failed to replicate the same form this year, losing 6-0 to Oman and Palestine as well as 1-1 draw against Timor Leste.

However, the latest 10-0 defeat to UAE, Malaysia worst ever defeat in 50 years, have prompted his resignation as Malayan Tiger head coach.

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