TMJ slams FAM, offers to provide funds for new head coach

The Johor Crown Prince has urged FAM to sack Dollah Salleh as soon as possible and approach him for funds to hire a new foreign head coach.

Malaysia suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of UAE last night, losing 10-0 in what is now the worst defeat in their entire history. The defeat sparked anger within the Malaysian football fraternity, with fans taking it to social media to express their frustration with Dollah Salleh and FAM.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also jumped on the bandwagon, slamming FAM for last night’s defeat, before claiming that he’s willing to help them secure the ncessary funds that’ll be required to bring in foreign expertise, though it would be conditional upon certain terms.

Photo Credit: Johor Southern Tigers
Photo Credit: Johor Southern Tigers


Please relay this message to the President. Johor FA will contribute a budget to hire a foreign coach who is more qualified to guide our national team. Enough is enough, we cannot continue to be ignorant with the problem we are facing. Sack Dollah Salleh as soon as possible to improve whatever we can and to save what ever dignity we have left and before our football standard continue to deteriorate.

Another condition however must be met. Give all teams their broadcasting rights which should equate to 70-80% of the total broadcasting revenue. FAM only requires 20-25% to run the leagues and also to employ foreign coaches.

Leave the youth development to the state FAs and clubs. With the broadcasting rights revenue for each team, on top of the sponsorship revenue, all teams must spend on youth development and upgrading of football facilities. A good foreign coach is also essential and we cannot put 100% blame on the players.

As an example, why do JDT players fair differently when they play for their club and when they play for the national team? Its due to the the coach that is guiding the team. Pablo Aimar once told me, “There’s no point of having a ferrari with a driver who only knows how to drive a van”. Hence, to have a good team, its 50% coach and 50% players.

Photo Credit: Johor Southern Tigers

To improve the mentality of players, we need to build proper academies and education to increase professionalism within the players. The current players that we have is beyond saving and its not their fault. Its FAM and all teams including Johor who have failed in our your development program since before.

We need foreign expertise, and we also need to change our mindset and character, then only we can change the mindset and mentality of the players. So to all the office bearers in FAM, you have all overstayed your welcome. Its time to go on a long holiday. “If the head isn’t right, the tail follows suit”. 1 more thing, I will continue with my mission to kill national football.

For those who say i have already achieved my mission when we lost 10-0, I’m far from achieving it as I will only stop when we lose 50-0.

You’ve got to love this man!

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