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“Resign!” – Dollah ripped apart on Twitter after 10-0 humbling

The internet can be a cruel place, especially if you’re the villain of a saga, or in this case, a scapegoat.

Malaysia incurred the worst defeat in their history last night, conceding a whopping amount of 10 goals against UAE in Abu Dhabi last night, which caused hopeful fans to explode in rage.

To be fair, part of the rage was due to the nature of confidence displayed by the Harimau Malaya folks, before the games against Bangladesh and UAE. At the Malaysia Cup draw last week, Safiq publicly proclaimed that they would certainly beat Bangladesh – an outcome that never really happened.

In Abu Dhabi, Dollah said that he’s looking at the possibility of his men nicking a point of the Asian Cup semi-finalists. That in itself, was enough to annoy most fans out there – all of whom are well-versed on the national team’s shortcomings.

So when the actual result emerged, Twitter exploded in style.









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