MHC: Faiz, Rashid given green light to play in German league

There will not be any form of restrictions preventing Faiz Helmi Jali and Rashid Baharom from joining Schwarz Weiss Neuss, to play in the International German Hockey League.

This was confirmed by their current clubs, Sapura and Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club (KLHC) respectively, as they agreed to release both individuals.

Sapura manager Louis Gregory said his side has been informed by the Malaysia Hockey Confederation (MHC) about the matter.

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“If they (MHC) have agreed in allowing Faiz to go to Germany, MHC has to send a formal letter to us.”

“Nevertheless, in my opinion, Faiz has gained a great chance and we encourage his wish to play in Germany,” Louis told Harian Metro.

On the other hand, KLHC manager George Koshy is also in the same boat as Louis, while admitting that the decision is all on MHC.

“We have no trouble in letting him go. It depends on MHC’s verdict in the end.”

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According to reports, Faiz and Rashid received offers from Schwarz Weiss Neuss, who were recently promoted to Bundesliga’s main division after emerging winners of Division One last season.

However, MHC CEO K Logan Raj has stated that both the players have to undergo certain procedures including getting permission from MHC and their individual clubs.

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