We’ll revamp Chong Wei’s strategy and style – Hendrawan

National singles’ head coach Hendrawan believes that a change of strategy and style could help Chong Wei become a more effective player on the long run, ahead of the Japan and Korea Open.

According to him, the likelihood of meeting strong shuttlers in the early rounds of these tournament means that Chong Wei would have to alter his approach in order to increase his chances of winning.

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“There will be no denying that he will face Lin Dan and Chen Long in the earlier rounds of Japan and Korea Open. What’s important here is we need to try a fresh approach,” said Hendrawan, as quoted by Arena Metro.

Clearly, the main focus is still on preparing the 32 year-old for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“During the recently ended World Championships, Chen Long was able to read well of Chong Wei’s game play and anticipated his movements, although other players was not able to do the same with Chong Wei. We already started discussions about trying something new after this.”

“We realize there is little time left because Rio Olympics is our priority. Mentally, Chong Wei is all good, but there need to be changes if he wants to be back to his best form.”

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The former Indonesia singles player also added that everything depends on Chong Wei, as the Rio Olympics will get underway in less than 10 months.

“Talks are being held with Chong Wei on ways to improve him physically, but in the end it’s all up to him.”

“There is also only six months left for Chong Wei to prepare himself, as he will be participating in a few vital tournaments towards the end of the year.”

After the Japan and Korea Open, Lee Chong Wei will be in action at the Denmark Super Series and French Open, followed by the China Open in November.

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