Azizulhasni eases to Keirin win at Southeast Asian GP

There were no surprises at the Velodrome Cheras yesterday as Azizulhasni Awang eased to a comfortable win in the Keirin category.

Having won the Sprint category on Tuesday, the Malaysian star was looking to claim his second win of the competition and duly delivered with a strong performance.

However, fellow Malaysian cyclists Muhammad Shah Firdaus failed to cement his second spot, after being involved in a minor accident in the last 50m of the race, colliding with two other cyclists from Thailand.

“I’m thankful that I wasn’t involved in the accident. 50 metres before the end, I overheard sounds of collision behind me,” he told Harian Metro.

“If I had fallen, there would have been a lot of issues, and maybe even injuries. But I feel gutted for Muhammad Shah though, as he was supposed to finish second in the race,” Azizul added.

Azizulhasni is currently training for the World Championships in London next year, as well as for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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