Someone is smoking weed! – Djokovic slams Montreal crowd

Novak Djokovic suffered a defeat at the hands of Andy Murray in the final of the Rogers Cup on Sunday but there was controversy prior to that match.

To book his spot in the final, Djokovic had to manouever past James Chardy in the semi finals, and the Serbian world number one did that comfortably.

But something was wrong in that game, and Djokovic complained about it to the Chair Umpire, right after clinching the first set.

“Someone is smoking weed, I can smell it, I’m getting dizzy,” Djokovic said, according to the BBC.

Djokovic then continued the match, before speaking to reporters on the issue afterwards, claiming that this wasn’t the first time he detected the smell.

“Yesterday in the doubles match, today again. Somebody’s really enjoying his life around the tennis court,” he said jokingly.

The video of him making that claim is available below.

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