Djokovic: There’s no excuse for Kyrgios’ sexual remark

World number one tennis star Novak Djokovic slammed Nick Kyrgios for sledging Stan Wawrinka earlier this week, claiming that there are no excuses for his actions.

Kyrgios went up against Wawrinka at the Rogers Cup on Wednesday night, and during the match, he made a sexual remark against the Swiss star – claiming that his girlfriend slept with Kyrgios’ close friend.

“Some players have problems to control themselves on the court. Sometimes when you go through the emotional challenges, it slips out of your mouth,” Djokovic said, as quoted by ABC. “But again, there’s no excuse for what he has said.”

Kyrgios received a hefty $13,580 fine for his actions, though the Australian star also issued a public apology on his Facebook, in the aftermatch of the incident. But Wawrinka thinks the ATP should be far more severe with Nick, this time around.

“I understand that every player goes through certain tantrums, emotional ups and downs during the match. In a big fight and at this level, I understand.

“But it’s not, I would say, fair, and there’s no excuse of directing your tantrums to your opponent, especially to somebody that is not even there,” Wawrinka concluded.

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