World Championships: Vivian-Khe Wei wary of Japanese threat

Malaysian women’s doubles shuttlers Vivian Kho and Woon Khe Wei may have secured a bye for the first round of the Jakarta World Championship, but that doesn’t seem to make their task any easier.

In the second round, both women will be up against a strong Japanese pair in the form of Naoko Fukuman and Kurumi Yanao, who are ranked 15th in the world. The last time they both faced one another, Vivian and Khe Wei were at the losing end, suffering a defeat at the Malaysian Open last year – precisely why they are determined to set a straight record this time around.

“We are definitely focused on the severity of this tie, especially since we lost to them last year,” Khe Wei told Harian Metro.

“We’ve been preparing well to take them on and as of now, we’re just determined to beat them before even thinking about our potential opponents in the third round.

Should they defeat the Japanese pair, Vivian and Khe Wei’s journey will only increase in difficulty with a tie against China’s Luo Ying and Luo Yu potentially in the pipeline.