Haziq Samsul on the same page with MHC

National hockey player Muhd Haziq Samsul will accept any decision made by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) with regards to the national coach role.

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It is understood that drastic changes will be made following Chief Executive of MHC, K Logan Raj’s report regarding the future of national coach role, with Tai Beng Hai widely conjectured to be relieved of his duty as head coach of the national men’s team.

“It doesn’t matter who gets appointed, as long as they are committed to the national team. But having said that, as a player, we definitely want the best man for the job.” Haziq said, as quoted by Harian Metro.

“It’s just that we are still in the dark about this matter. But personally, I would gladly accept any decision made by the MHC.” He continued.

Hafiq is also open to having either a local or foreign coach, having experienced playing under a foreign coach in Paul Revington as well as local coaches.

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“I’ve tasted first-hand experience under Paul Revington, so it doesn’t matter if the coach happens to be a foreigner or if he is a local coach.”

Former India coach, Terry Walsh is widely speculated to be appointed as Technical Director to bring his wisdom and experience to the national team after Malaysia’s disastrous performance at the World Hockey League (WHL) left them hanging by a thread to qualify for the Olympics in Rio.

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