Video: Funniest chants in English football history!

Fans are part of the beautiful game, that’s a well-known fact. Nobody wants to play in a stadium that has a mundane and dull atmosphere right? They are constantly singing about their favorite players or the legendary moments in their club history to push their team and at the same time, are illustrating their undying love for the club that they are eternally associated and bonded with.

Besides the players or manager, the voices of fans can make the difference on what happens on the pitch, that’s how much power and influence they have. They are they voice of the club, without the players, the fans will have nothing to sing about and without the passionate fans, the players will feel like they are playing at a amateur division league with fans made up of librarians and that guy in your class who only speaks once a year. They are like what Chewbacca is to Han Solo, like what ice is to whiskey and what Posh Spice is to Becks.

ey are so many catchy chants over the years, some are motivating, others are downright peculiar and some strike people as offensive even though they are meant to be funny. Sometimes players get the receiving end of fans’ chants as fans are not afraid to give them some stick. I mean someone has to come up with a creative chant about Steven Gerrard’s slip right? The link below is a video compilation of the ‘funniest’ football chants in English football history. Now we might want to warn you some of them are indeed offensive(depending on how open minded you are) and some might strike you as a blatantly racist. But at the end of the day, fans will always be fans. You’ve been warned!

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