I want to score against Liverpool – Sarawak’s Joseph Kalang Tie

Joseph Kalang Tie is eager to put the ball behind the net against Liverpool when they meet at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium later today.

The 20-year-old Sarawakian is part of the 20-man squad that national coach Dollah salleh has picked and he cannot wait to go face to face with them, after having already experienced facing Tottenham in May.

“I have a personal mission heading into this match, I’m hoping to score against Liverpool because I love to score goals for the team. It’s not impossible to score against Liverpool but we do not know what will happen during the match.” Kalang Tie said, as quoted by Harian Metro.

Though finding the net against Liverpool will be considered as a bonus, Kalang Tie understands that winning is all that matters, and personal glory will matter little if the final result is unfavorable.

“However, it will matter very little if I scored but we still lost. What’s important is that I work hard for the team by contributing goals while trying my best to ensure that we do not lose.”

Kalang Tie also said that their preparation and game plan against Liverpool have been set, and hopes to enjoy the match against them. He also eager to learn and gain much needed experience against Liverpool.

“Preparations are done and I hope that everything that we’ve discussed and planned will work accordingly in the match.

“As a professional footballer I definitely will want to learn something in a match like this and I hope that I can digest something from the Liverpool players because they are world-class players with tons of experience under their belt.” He concluded.

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