VIDEO: Sepp Blater showered with fake cash during press conference

Notes after notes of fake money rained down on Sepp Blatter as they were thrown over by British comedian Simon Brodkin at a FIFA press conference.

Blatter, who resigned as the head of FIFA following a scandal that saw 14 people arrested for corruption and bribery which included former FIFA vice president, Jack Warner. Blatter just took his seat when Brodkin, also known as Jason Bent and Lee Nelson, walked up to him with a huge bundle of notes in his hand then said: ‘Sepp, this is for North Korea 2026.’

A visibly terrified Blatter, perhaps sensing that it would be dangerous, signaled for security while Brodkin was addressing the press, which only seemed to make Blatter more anxious as he asked: ‘where is my security?’.

When security came and escorted Brodkin out, Brodkin threw the huge bundle of notes up in the air and over Blatter, leaving him dumbfounded.

Blatter was obviously shocked and visibly not entertained by Brodkin’s antics as he was unable to continue and had to leave the room before saying: ‘ladies and gentlemen, we have to clean the room first, otherwise I would not be able to speak to you. This has nothing to do with football.’

You can watch the video here:




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