Balkis Ahlal tells MABF: Change is needed

Retired national boxer Balkis Ahlal believes that the Malaysian Amateur Boxing Federation (MABF) needs to make drastic changes or the sport will inevitably continue to decline.

Boxing has been on a downward spiral in recent years and it fell to an all time low as not only did Malaysia failed to bring home a single medal at the 2015 SEA Games, but they also failed to make it past the quarter-finals for the first time in 28 years.

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Balkis is saddened by the news of Malaysia’s performance even after the athletes were sent to Kazakhstan to train with leading Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan boxers for 24 days before the SEA Games.

“It’s very frustrating because not only did they failed to win any medals but failed to get past the quarter-final in 28 years since the SEA Games held in Jakarta in 1987.” Balkis said, as quoted by Harian Metro.

“The expenses to go to Kazakhstan were obviously very high but clearly a waste as we failed to obtain the targeted number of medals.”

Balkis also believes that Malaysian boxer should compete in more international tournaments to obtain experience whilst also to get a taste of what to expect, as the lack of international participation were their downfall.

“The lack of participation in international tournaments were also among the factors to the current state of decline of boxing in the country. They cannot compete if they merely depend on training sessions.

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“I do not blame the athletes though, because they have potential to win medals but rather the MABF management for handling the matter.

“If the MABF stubbornly continue to implement the same training pattern without innovation, and not sending boxers to compete in international tournaments, then do not dream to win any medal when Malaysia host the SEA Games two years from now.”.





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