Sabah’s Rozaimi Rahman involved in severe car crash

Sabah FA footballer Rozaimi Rahman has been hospitalized after he was involved in a serious car accident in Kota Kinabalu earlier today.

The incident reportedly took place around 1.34 PM, near SJK (C) Shan Tao in Likas. Rozaimi was reportedly travelling alongside a friend, whose identity has not been revealed just yet, and he was said to have lost control of his vehicle before it flipped around several times.

Both men were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s emergency ward and they are currently receiving treatment over there.

No details have been released on the severity of his injury, though images that have been spreading across social media suggests that Rozaimi could potentially be critically injured.

However, at the request of his family members, we have refrained from including any images in here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.53.02 PM

More to come…

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