Hockey World League Semi Finals: Great Britain disappoints Malaysia 3-1

The Malaysian team was given a disappointment yesterday when they were defeated by world number five Britain in the Group Stage of the Hockey World League semi finals, which was held in the KHC Dragon Stadium, Antwerp, Belgium.

With high hopes of claiming victory after their saddening lost against Belgium 0-2 last Friday, the Speedy Tigers were shown no mercy when they faced the British squad. The national team was ultimately downed by the Britons 3-1, giving Malaysia its second defeat thus far.

Malaysia will most likely play against either Australia or India in the quarter finals this Wednesday.

The Speedy Tigers had virtually earned their ticket to the quarter finals last week when they beat China 3-2 and Ireland 4-2.

Manager of the national squad, Stephen Van Huizhen admits that his team did not perform as excellent as they could have done, especially in the third quarter and the fourth.

“We are now waiting to play against either India or Australia in the quarter finals and at the same time, the team needs to be prepared,” said Van Huizhen as quoted from Utusan.

“During the game just now (yesterday), there were a few unguarded areas as if they were allowing the opponents to score goals.”

The match started off comfortably with Malaysia leading 1-0 with a stunning goal from Muhammad Haziq Shamsul, but unfortunately they failed to maintain the momentum throughout the game.

Photo credits: Express

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