Nick Kyrgios: Tennis is not my favourite sport

Months ago, we read about the news that top golfer Rory McIlroy’s love for golf had declined. A similar case can be said about tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Except that, Kyrgios’ love for tennis did not decline. In fact, he does not even love the sport at all.

The Australian powerhouse, whom stunned the crowd in the Wimbledon last year by defeating Rafael Nadal, had conceded that tennis is not a passion of his.

The 20 year-old from Canberra stands as tall as 6 feet 4 (1.93m) and finds basketball more entertaining than tennis. He admits that he is a big fan of the NBA.

“I don’t really like the sport of tennis that much,” he told The Telegraph.

“I don’t love it. It was crazy when I was 14. I was all for basketball and I made the decision to play tennis I got pushed by my parents and to this day I can still say I don’t love the sport. It is just crazy how things go.”

“It’s good when you’re out there on a tennis court. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s all you, tactically, physically, mentally. But I just love basketball, I love the sport. I always have. I try when I’m on the road with tennis not to watch too many basketball videos and stuff like that, to keep me focused, but it’s tough,” he added.

Despite that being said, former champion John McEnroe declared that Kyrgios is the man to watch at the Wimbledon that will commence next week in June 29 before ending at July 12.

“If I had to pick on guy to make a big breakthrough it would be Kyrgios,” McEnroe said.

“He brings this belief and intensity. He walks out there and there is something about him. It is not often you see that with a player, and it is nice to see.”

“ If I had to pick on guy, I wouldn’t pick him to win but I would think, if there was someone other than the obvious guys, he would be the guy that I would pick more so than a year ago when I would have said a Dimitrov-Djokovic final.”

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