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Ferrari to be Red Bull’s next engine supplier?

As it has been a despairing season thus far for Red Bull Racing with engine supplier Renault, the team had contemplated to pull out from the sport if there were no competitive engines for them. Audi, whom had been their sole hope, had rejected the idea of joining forces with the team and also ruled out from entering Formula One.

Despite a wonderful breakthrough last year, the team is not improving with the French manufacturer as drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat have yet to appear on the podium this season.

The team, whom were the the champions for four consecutive years in 2010-2013, is in critical need of a new supplier. With their contracts coming to an end in 2016, could it really be the end for Red Bull?

On the bright side, Ferrari has voiced out that they would be “more than glad” to take Renault’s place and provide engines to their rivals, according to chairman Sergio Marchionne.

Ferrari had previously supplied engines to Red Bull back in 2006.

“I have a lot of respect for Red Bull,” he told the Austrian Grand Prix paddock.

“I think they’ve done a lot for the sport, they’ve had the world championship for a number of years. I think they will find their way again and if we can help them get there, we’d be more than glad to do it.”

“I think they will find their way again and if we can help them get there, we’d be more than glad to do it.

“It’s in our DNA, we’ve done it before. I think we can provide engines to any of the teams that want to race.”

He also added that he had no concerns about supplying a potentially very strong rival with an equal engine.

“As long as we keep control over the aerodynamic work on the car, I think there’s going to be enough distinguishing traits between us and the competition,” said Marchionne.

“We are more than glad to try and provide a level playing field now that the engine is there.”

Ferrari currently supplies engines to teams Sauber and Manor Marussia.

Is it possible for us to see a comeback of Red Bull-Ferrari?

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