Twitter explodes over Liverpool’s first seven away fixtures next season

Liverpool, Liverpool. Things just don’t seem to turn from worse to better this year for the team.

The new fixtures for the 2015-16 season of the Premier League were announced not more than 24 hours ago and fans were taking part of the hoo-hah, mentally predicting scores and having previews already.

Some were satisfied but much different to the other teams, Liverpool fans were struck with a nightmare.

Things will come to a storm for team manager Brendan Rodgers next season. Rodgers had already been heavily criticized over the team’s disappointing performance last season, especially their humiliating defeat of 1-6 against Stoke City. The fans had been ranting on social media on how Rodgers should be sacked but the issue was soon put on silent, just for a while.

According to the new fixtures, Liverpool will be playing their first seven away games against Stoke, Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City. Can this David beat all these Goliaths?

As much as Liverpool is a capable team, they did not show their fair share of greatness in the previous season, and it was certainly sending the fans mourning and sighing.

Could Liverpool erase their humiliation, we will never really know, but here’s what the people of Twitter had to say about the team and Rodgers:

Well, at least someone seems happy.

What are your thoughts on the new fixtures?

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