SEA Games: Farah Ann delighted with gold medal

National gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi has finally won a gold medal as she lost her chance to do so the day before in the uneven bars event.

Farah Ann, who won a bronze medal in the balance beam event yesterday morning, presented a great display during her personal favorite event, floor exercise, by collecting 13.733 points to grab the ultimate win. Silver and bronze were given to Indonesia’s Rifda Irfanalutfi and Vietnam’s Phan Thi Ha Thanh respectively.

The three encountered a close competition but Farah Ann was the judge’s favorite as they were impressed by her style and movements, thus granting her 8.433 points, just a small difference from Rifda’s 8.400 points.

“I had already targeted gold for this event because floor exercise is my favorite event, but it’s not easy to win gold,” said Farah as quoted from Kosmo.

“Even though I was disappointed with the silver medal in Tuesday, my team mates cheered me on.”

“I’m thankful because my performance was quite good even though I was the first competitor. The situation might have lessen my pressure because I did not need to see other competitor’s before I peform.”

Tan Ing Yueh, whom previously secured the gold medal in the uneven bars event was handed fourth place yesterday, trailing only 0.100 points behind Han Thanh who made it with 13.333 points.

National male gymnast Jaremiah Loo secured a silver medal in the high bar event with points of 14.133. The event was won by Vietnamese Dinh Phuong Thanh whereas bronze was given to Singaporean Aizat Muhammad Jufrie.

Photo credits: Kuala Lumpur Post

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