NBA Playoff Finals: Warriors seal 108-100 win against Cavs in Game 1

The opening game of the NBA finals took a great start yesterday and it was Golden State Warriors who dominate again, with a close win of 108-100 against eastern conference winners Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA’s most valuable player (MVP), Stephen Curry contributed 26 points and eight assists to the Warrios’ triumph whereas Cavs’ main man LeBron James served 44 points alongside 18 out of 38 shoots. Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala too had done great by adding 21 and 15 points respectively.

However, things did not go well for Cavs’ Kyrie Irving. The 23 year-old point guard had to miss two games in the Eastern Conference finals due to a left knee tendinitis and a sprained right foot. Just when things were getting better, it took a setback.

Initially, Irving displayed flawless skill sets by scoring 23 points, seven rebounds and six assists. He even denied a lay-up from Curry, which was the icing to his cake. That all changed before the 2.00 overtime mark, when he unfortunately slipped while attempting to drive on Warriors’ Klay Thompson.

Irving was seen limping out of the court to the locker room.

LeBron James was disheartened by the situation.

“It was very tough to see,” LeBron said as quoted from Yahoo Sports.

“I just see how hard he worked these last eight days just to get himself to play at this level tonight. Seeing him walk out of the locker room on crutches just now, that’s a tough blow for our team.”

Game 2 will commence this Sunday.

Photo credits: i.cdn.turner

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