Malaysian cycling team keen on gold medal triumph

The Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) has vowed to take home a gold medal this year, in hopes to erase the woes from the previous edition.

President of MNCF and technical chairman, Datuk Abu Samah Abd Wahab claims that the cyclers from the Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG) had put up a great form this year and there is a fighting chance to triumph.

“Cyclers like Anuar Manan, Mohad Harrif Salleh, Mohd Zamri ASalleh and Mohd Adiq Hussainie Othman have really good potential and have great credibility in South East Asia,” he said as quoted from Harian Metro.

Abu Samah too had expressed that the roads in Singapore are flat and there are not much hilly terrains. Therefore, either Anuar or Harrif would be able to calmly make it past the finish line.

“These two names are famous throughout Asia. The cyclers this time are from TSG.”

“I believe they have great harmony. Even the coaches and mechanics are from TSG. Only the team manager Omar Saad is from PKBM (MNCF).”


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