Malaysian footballers need exposure – Pele

Last week, football legend Pele paid a visit to Malaysia alongside Chelsea young gun Oscar for the 100PLUS ‘The Great Stay Thirsty’ campaign.

During the campaign that was held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), the two Brazilians shared their experience in football. Pele even gave some useful advice for the Malaysian football team.

“There is a different emotion when you play teams from other nations and overseas as you understand the game better,” Pele said to the reporters.

“You may be very good in your own town or country but when you play outside, you begin to understand and grow better in football.

“There are different styles of football and you get to meet different people and this is what makes a team or player better.”

The “God of Football” also mentioned that team work was pivotal in order to strive for success.

“Having a good team is important but there must be teamwork. I would not have scored that many goals if not for the team behind me … making the passes and working together”.

Pele, who won his first world cup at the delicate age of 17, scored a total of 1281 goals in 1363 times, including of 541 league goals in his entire career.

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