Twitter explodes with reactions to ongoing FIFA crisis

Here it goes again!

As we would say, the melodrama of football continues, this time with a big strike.

Let’s have a metaphoric scenario. Superheroes, or Avengers for example, have been quite a team in saving the world from evil but let’s not forget about the economic state of the places they wreck. It is a fine sight for the mighty superheroes to defeat crime and make the world a better place but oh dear, some of us tend to wonder what happens to the places they damage.

Don’t you just wonder how much would the nation spend to clear up the place? Not to mention, the time. Yes it is just a movie but rarely there is ever a scene of the superheroes cleaning up the mess they made.

Thor lifts his mighty hammer but the hammer was mostly seen in his fights rather than actually hammering a nail. (Thor fans, no offence)

Don’t get me wrong, they make a great team but in real life, I think people would be mourning over the mess more than glorifying their good deeds.

We can’t arrest the Avengers but if we could, I think the authorities would- “This is the police and you’re under arrest for vandalizing public property. We do not care who you are.”

Metaphors aside, here comes the hidden meaning: To tarnish one’s image and present a worldwide euphoria for football, the superheroes (FIFA), who set a world wide phenomenon for football indeed did a great job but what’s left of that now is the mess they have created and the world is not backing down on this. The FIFA officials that were arrested few days ago were allegedly involved in corruption and included money laundering, racketeering and wire fraud. They are waiting to be extradited in the United States. Certain nations were said to be a part of bribery to secure their spot in the World Cup.

Netizens called this incident a “a great book cover but rotten pages”.

It’s not only the football associations that were sighing and scratching the back of their head in this but the fans are indeed shattered to pieces when the official news came out, some were only mentally chanting ‘I knew it’. Everyone was indirectly affected.

Twitter eventually trended the hashtag #FIFAarrests following the incident.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

Most people just considered this a time FIFA officially came out out the closet with their wrongdoings.

The ‘FIFAvengers’, who presented great pleasure to football fanatics are on a run to face the consequences.

All in all, it would be killing two birds with one stone if you did something without creating a mess but even if you did, a bigger mess follows. Dust accumulates if you don’t clean it up and for FIFA, it’s rather too late.

The future of FIFA is uncertain and I doubt people would ever forget this event. Fans are also in deep concern over the next major events, especially the World Cup.


Photo credits: morrocoworldnews

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