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Ferrari’s Arrivabene rejects Hamilton speculations

Many have been discussing as to whether Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene is interested in singing Lewis Hamilton as a replacement for Kimi Raikkonen in 2016. The Italian has finally provided a concrete answer and it’s nothing but a resounding no.

The contract Kimi will be expiring the end of the season and they have yet to renew it. Arrivabene is keen on maintaining the same line-up for next year but the possibility of it happening largely depends on the Finn’s overall performance this year.

“Lewis? No,” Arrivabene told Sky Sports News HQ.

“We are focussed on the current development of the car, we would like to keep the situation as it is as much as Kimi is performing well. At the moment we are not talking with anyone.”

While he is keen on keeping Raikkonen, another rumour also suggests that Valteri Bottas could be drafted in as a replacement should Kimi’s performance go on a downward spiral later this year.

“Bottas is in (the) future and by future I mean Bottas is interesting – like many other young drivers, he is performing very well,” he added.

Scads of rumours about team changes have been tailing the fans for quite a while but Arrivabene has officially confirmed that there has not been any negotiations with any said parties.

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