Chong Wei needs to step up his game – Hendrawan

Former world number one Lee Chong Wei is back in action, but he has a lot to accomplish in order to increase his world ranking and secure a spot in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Malaysia’s singles’ head coach Hendrawan claims that Chong Wei will be required to step up his game, though a fine balance needs to be achieved in order to not jeopardize his physical condition.

“For now, we don’t have any specific plans for future tournaments, but what we know for sure is that he will be competing in the Sudirman Cup as well as the SEA Games,” Hendrawan was quoted as saying by Nanyang.

“Chong Wei has lost a lot of ranking points prior to this, so he needs to participate in about four to five major tournaments. He has to at least enter the semi-finals in all of them, to boost his world rankings.

“Once his world rankings is in the top 20 or 10, then we can start deriving plans of participating in tournaments of higher level,” he added.

Chong Wei is currently ranked 30th in the world, as of its last update on April 23. The newest ranking will be unveiled on April 30.

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