Jenson Button snubs idea for ‘women-only F1’

McLaren’s Jenson Button has rejected the idea of organizing a women-only Formula One Championship, claiming that women are more than capable of competing with men in one single competition.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone recently proposed the idea of having a women-only Formula One Championship as he thinks it would boost the sport as a whole, especially in terms of viewership and fan base. Button disagrees, and had the perfect response for it.

“These days, with the way the cars are, it is mentally taxing and demanding but not physically.” Jenson Button told Eurosport.

“I can’t run a marathon the same speed as Paula Radcliffe so I’m sure a woman with the right skill set could be as competitive as any guy in F1.”

Meanwhile, Williams’ female test driver Susie Wolff, who was overlooked to replace the injured Valtteri Bottas during the season-opener at Melbourne, also voiced her displeasure at the proposal.

“First of all, I don’t know where you’d find a full grid of female drivers who are good enough.

“Secondly, I have raced my whole career in motor sport as a normal competitor. Why would I ever look for a race where I was only competing against women?”

Photo Credits: Telegraph

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