Piya: I am not leaving Kelantan

Kelantan skipper Badri Radzi has rubbished speculations linking him with a move away from Kota Bharu, when the April transfer window opens tomorrow.

Rumours were spreading around social media, claiming that the playmaker, fondly known as Piya, was disillusioned with life in Kelantan and was actively seeking for a move in April. Sabah FA was linked as a possible destination; some even suggest that the 32 year-old was spotted in Kota Kinabalu recently.

However, the experienced midfielder was straightforward in rejecting those speculations and he intends to help Kelantan bounce back under the tutelage of their new head coach, Azraai Khor Abdullah.

“The though of moving to another team has never crossed my mind,” Piya told Harian Metro.

“I’m very comfortable with my teammates and the management over here. As of now, I’m fully focused on the Super League as well as the quarter-final of the FA Cup. I’m not even thinking about a transfer at this point,” he added.

While Piya has always been instrumental for Kelantan over the last few seasons, he has sporadically featured in their set-up this year, especially under the guidance of George Boateng. Rumours though, are suggesting that he would be restored to the starting eleven, with Azraai Khor intending to shape the team around him.

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