Drivers play a big part – Hamilton slams Red Bull for Mercedes comments

Two-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has slammed Red Bull’s complaints over Mercedes’ excellent car and how it has created a massive gap in the Formule One this year.

Mercedes dominated the recent Australian GP, after which Red Bull threatened to pull out from Formula One; claiming that they were unhappy with how existing regulations have failed to level the playing field.

But Hamilton rebuffed their claims, and instead suggests that the performance of a team largely depends on the skills of its driver.

“If you want to put someone in the same car, there is no doubt where I would be finishing. People say its all in the car. Well, it’s a big team that built this car.” Hamilton told The Daily Mail.

“I’m the one who has to get in and extract the best from it. There has never been a driver that has won the championship that hasn’t had a great car that year. There’s nobody who had a Marussia and won the world championship, is there? Fangio still had a great car.”

Photo Credits: Fox Sports